While the cats are away...

At least THIS mouse will play. Hello everyone!  So with Paul and Justin each somewhere in California, Ducky in a dinghy fishing somewhere in South Jersey, Scott somewhere in Virginia and Johnny somewhere in England, I've got... Read More »

Private Conversations Of A Rock Band Revealed

The following is composed from excerpts of a text message chain between all the members of DDS and started by Paul with the simple message..."Replace one word in a movie title with "BACON" results below".  This is not the... Read More »

Another 21

My 21st birthday just turned 21 this past week.  In case you were wondering if being double the drinking age means you can consume double the alcohol...the answer is no.  You can, however, give yourself double the... Read More »

Happy F*#king Spring

I was gonna wait until it began to get a bit warmer outside before I wrote another one of these but, with the way the weather has been going...I came to realize that might not be until August.  So, here I sit, tapping away on... Read More »

Back To Reality

Well, a lot has happened while we were away on vacation. The two major things being the Olympics getting under way and the fact that we have, apparently, entered into another ice age here in the Northeast. But, me and the fellas... Read More »

See Ya In A Couple Weeks

  I found out long ago (ohh ohhohhohh ohhohhohh) It's a long way down the holiday road (ohh ohhohhohh ohhohhohh) Holiday ro...oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh...oad Holiday ro...oh oh oh oh oh...oad Jack be nimble, Jack be... Read More »

MERRY CHR...oh, it's over already?? Ok. Anyone Else Chilly?

And just like was gone.  Yep, the holiday season is over - I was gonna talk about what it was like, this past Wednesday, to stash all the decorations away for the year once again can pretty much just read... Read More »


I could swear that I just latched the attic door after putting the Christmas decorations away for the honestly...I just did it.  And yet, there I was this past Sunday...breakin' the seal on the ol'... Read More »

November 5th

1935 - The game "Monopoly" was introduced by Parker Brothers Company. 1940 - Franklin Roosevelt won an unprecedented third presidential term in office. 1942 - Christine A. Wolfe (my Mom) was born in Saskatchewan. Happy... Read More »

The Boogeyman Is Coming...He's Gonna Get You

I met him, fifteen years ago; sitting in a room, staring at a wall, not seeing the wall, looking past the wall - looking at this night, inhumanly patient, waiting for some secret, silent alarm to trigger him off. I was told... Read More »

It's A Wrap...

School is back in session, the days are getting shorter, and my backyard is even beginning to show signs of leaf accumulation.  Sure, summer isn't officially over until September 22 but, for all intents and's... Read More »

Now Arriving On Track 8...

The speeding train that has been the summer of 2013 will be rolling into the station for the final time this weekend - end of the line.  Luckily we were able to keep it from going off the rails through the twisty bits (we even... Read More »