Scott - Guitars, Vocals
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Fun Facts
  • I live in a town named after my ancestors
  • I enjoy songwriting, woodworking, and plastic modeling in my spare time
  • None of the electric guitars I play are in their original color
  • Currently training my 4-year old son to play trombone for Drop Dead Sexy, as per his wish
  • All of my keyboards have been COMPLETELY taken apart and put back together by me…and they still work

Hi!  I’m Scott, the man probably the most responsible for the ringing in your ears when you wake up the next morning after seeing us.  In order to accomplish this, I either stand by the keyboards and randomly chop at the keys until something that resembles Journey or Lady Gaga comes out, or blast one of my Heather Hower special guitars directly into Dave’s ear canal, or stand out of position in front of the stage and, with very bad vocal and microphone-holding technique, attempt to sing like a pop icon.  But the point is, it’s all about having a good time, and boy do I have a lot of fun doing what I do.  And if at some point in the evening you point at one of us and think, “That’s ridiculous!  But it’s really cool…,” my job is done well.  Besides, memories like that last a lot longer than ringing ears usually do.  Peace.