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Fun Facts
  • I’ve received over a decade of classical piano instruction and am now myself a private teacher
  • I go to Mass every weekend
  • In medical school, I once slept a total of only 11 hours in a 77-hour period and then proceeded to get sick for a month
  • A few years ago while traveling abroad, I accidentally paid for (but, of course, did not “utilize”) a prostitute in Hamburg, Germany (long story how that happened–ask me about it in person)
  • I’m the most politically conservative member of Drop Dead Sexy
  • If I don’t like a particular food, I purposely eat that food a lot over a couple months until I like it

I joined the band in August 2004, nine months before graduating Rutgers University with my M.B.A. in strategic management, the obvious pre-requesite for a singer in any cover band.  As the newest (and youngest, I might add) member of the band, my job is to drink as much as possible while still being able to remember the lyrics (in English) to all the songs.

A typical DDS show in my shoes consists of a few shots of Patron before, during, and after each set; dressing up in various wigs and hats; and being the foil for a short, Italian guy named after an animal who insists on poking me in the ear with any object he can get his hands on.  In the real world, such behavior usually ends up with someone getting arrested, but in the world of DDS, this is a typical work day.  Somewhere in all of this, I help the band perform really cool covers of awesome pop songs, whether by singing, playing the piano, shaking the tambourine, or pretending that my Guitar Hero guitar is actually making sound.