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Fun Facts
  • Actual name is not Ducky
  • Has more friends than most waterfowl
  • Is not Jewish, but Italian and Irish
  • Has a backup liver in his closet
  • Can juggle with all five appendages
  • Once saved a family of four from certain doom

Some may know me as Chris, but I would bet most people who’ve met me have never known my real name.  It’s kind of funny when I know someone for years and then the truth comes out.  “Ducky, what is your real name?”  I get it, my nickname is pretty memorable and I guess it fits.  In all honesty, I got the nickname because I used to waddle.  I’m not making this up!  If you grew up in the 80’s you may remember the ridiculously undersized gym uniforms in grade school.  Well imagine a short, husky, 9-year old waddling his way through the Presidential Physical Fitness Test with the previously mentioned attire.  It started out as a joke.  One kid said, “That guy runs like Howard the Duck!”  And so it was born.  But wait, there’s more!  I’m also known as “Sauce,” “Lord Duckworth” and countless other offshoots from the original.  Now that I think of it, it was about the same time I first picked up the sax.  When I was in the third grade at Holly Heights Elementary School in Millville, NJ a group of professional musicians visited for a music symposium for my class.  When Denis DiBlasio stood up a blasted out the hook from “La Bamba,” I knew I wanted to be a saxophone player.  Not a bad choice, I must say.  I’ve been living a dream for years now.  Music is probably more important to me than food.  I could go 2 to 3 days without a square meal but not 5 minutes without tapping a beat, whistling a tune or singing along to the radio.  By the way, radio is hands down my favorite form of entertainment.  My name is Ducky and I suffer from musicolism, a.k.a. MD (Music Dependency), look it up.

I’ve had many different jobs.  In my hometown, everyone knew someone that worked at a glass factory.  Not only did my mother, grandfather, 20 or so of my uncles and about 15 to 20 of my friends work at one of the many in Millville, but I did too.  I’ve been a pharmacy clerk, a music store shift manager (it’s in my blood), a cable television and high-speed internet salesman, a bartender, and so on.  Currently on my days offstage, I spend time as a “Beer Dude” at a craft beer cafe here in Philadelphia.  Yes, I am definitely one of the luckiest individuals you’ve ever stumbled upon.  Charmed life, eh?  Tons of great friends, the best job known to man, the second best job known to man and a song at my finger tips.  I have to say jumping up on and jumping around on stage are two major pluses of working with the band.  Without a doubt, I get the most pleasure from striking a chord in you, my friends, family and band mates.  What I do on stage just makes me smile and I want you to do the same, please.  So lend me your ear and we’ll sing you a song…and I’ll probably sing out of key.  But I promise you, we’ll make you laugh so hard you might burst a vessel in your eye.