Another 21

My 21st birthday just turned 21 this past week.  In case you were wondering if being double the drinking age means you can consume double the alcohol...the answer is no.  You can, however, give yourself double the hangover...and have it take twice as long to go away...but that's about it.  Trust me, I ran a thorough and comprehensive experiment on this very theory the entire week and the results, although quite hazy, are in...and they are indisputable.  I also checked with friends of mine in law enforcement to see if you get a bump in the legal blood/alcohol limit once you've doubled... Read More »

Recent News:

  • Happy F*#king Spring

    I was gonna wait until it began to get a bit warmer outside before I wrote another one of these but, with the way the weather has been going...I came to realize that might not be until August.  So, here I sit, tapping away... Read More »

  • Back To Reality

    Well, a lot has happened while we were away on vacation. The two major things being the Olympics getting under way and the fact that we have, apparently, entered into another ice age here in the Northeast. But, me and the... Read More »

  • See Ya In A Couple Weeks

      I found out long ago (ohh ohhohhohh ohhohhohh) It's a long way down the holiday road (ohh ohhohhohh ohhohhohh) Holiday ro...oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh...oad Holiday ro...oh oh oh oh oh...oad Jack be nimble, Jack... Read More »